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  •   Quake III: Arena
  •   2017年 September月 10日 3:00 PM NZST
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Announcing the ZTKFPS CPMA OCEANIA KENYA CUP - Season 1 Cup 1. It's our zesty new community-focused tournament series focused on fun and variety. As usual, you'll be able to catch all the action on the ZTKFPS twitch channel - http://twitch.tv/ZTKFPS

Taking part is easy when you're a part of the Oceania AFPS Discord server - without a doubt the best place to find games and get into Quake We've got the easiest and most active pickup system in the region and players of all skill levels to find 1v1, 2v2, CTF and more in multiple games - including Challenge ProMode Arena, QuakeWorld and Quake Champions!

ZTK <@ztkfps>
Phylum <@phy1um>



CPMA Kenya turns into a regular event for players in the Oceanic region.
At the beginning of each series, a 7 map selection is announced. A cup takes place every 3-6 weeks and contains 3 maps from the selection. Participants are encouraged to play - they have a choice with which map to remove for the next cup.

An admin will decide and make known before voting a pre-chosen map to bring in from the selection as a replacement.
After six cups, the entire selection is thrown out and replaced for the next season.

In essence - players are able to have fun competition on a constant variety of maps at frequent intervals throughout the year.

Season 1 Map Selection: 


Cup 1 Information:

Double Elimination, Bo3 Winners bracket, Bo1 Losers bracket. 

Map Pool:
Fjo3Tourney6_b4 (wr 5) 

Calendar_v4 (wr 5)

Fatamorgana (wr 5)

Tournament Date: Sunday Sep. 10, 2017.

Tournament Check-in Time: 12:00 AEST / 14:00 NZST

Tournament Start Time: 13:00 AEST / 15:00 NZST


oafps.com CPMA #1 | oafps.com:27961

oafps.com CPMA #2 | oafps.com:27962

General Rules:

Participation: To participate in this tournament, players are expected to register via challonge, and are required to join the Oceanic AFPS Discord: discord.gg/3a5txYM (discord.me/oafps)

Map Selection - WB: Flip a coin (callvote random 2h/t). Starting with the winner of the cointoss the map selection process will be as follows: +pick(winner), +pick(loser), +play

Map Selection - LB: Flip a coin (callvote random 2h/t). Starting with the loser of the cointoss the map selection process will be as follows: +ban(loser), +ban(winner), +play

Match Start: Player must play their matching within ten (10) minutes of games being assigned.

Match Reporting: After the matches are complete both players are required to submit their results to an admin or the challonge bracket. Any discrepancies in reported scores will be investigated by admins.

Matches Details: Players must take an end of game screenshot, and a complete demos of all their games. Players can use cg_autoaction 7 to have a demo, and screenshot be automatically recorded by the game. Players must be able to provide demos of their games upon completion of the tournament.

Nick: Your nick on sign-up list should be the one you use on Discord, and in-game. No fakenicks allowed!

Behaviour: Be nice to one another. Excessively flaming other players, spectators, casters, admins or referees will lead to disqualification.

Cheating: Any, and all forms of cheating, or assistance will lead to disqualification.

Anything not explicitly covered by the above rules will be up to the volition of the admins.


冠军: Profanumzj
有价值对手: Stral
下次再说: Ultra578


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